• Axl Rosenberg

Some good bands have lost members in the past few days. We could devote a post to each of them or be insensitive dicks about it and just do one big post.

Guess which one we chose?

So here goes:

  • Bassist Jonathan Buske is out of Terror. No word on the reason yet. I like Terror but I can’t even remember what this dude looks like, so I’m sure the band will be fine.
  • Bassist Noah Martin has left Arsis to go back to college. That’s perfectly respectable. Noah is a great bassist and one of the nicest dudes ever to walk the earth, so this is a bummer – but ultimateley, Arsis is Jim Malone’s brainchild so I don’t foresee this having any negative effects on the band, creatively speaking; there was great Arsis music before Noah and there will be great Arsis music after Noah. Read our interview with Noah here.
  • Arsonists Get All the Girls has parted ways with vocalist/keyboardist Remi Rodberg. This news seriously bums me out, as both Rodberg’s vox and synths are a big part of that band’s sound. It was apparently a “mutual decision” between Remi and the band to split. I’m sure there’s more to the story but I don’t know what that more is. Remi will apparently now be in a band called Girthwind and Firewater, and while I know nothing about that groups music, I do know they need a new name. In any case, AGATG has suffered a lot of tragedies and line-up changes in the past year and I just hope they can solidify the line-up enough to make a new album.


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