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Amorphis, Samael, Virgin BlackIt always happens this way; you wait and wait and wait for a band you love to come around, and when they finally do they’re playing at the same time as that other band you’ve waited and waited and waited for. So it is tonight in NYC, FOUR-fold. So if you’ve still got an open card for the evening, check out at least one of these awesome shows, and if you’re ambitious and have deep pockets lined with cab money, check out all four! It’s a great night to be a metal fan in NYC, with headliners Wetnurse, Origin, Amorphis and Kataklysm sitting atop 4 totally well-rounded and deep tour bills.

It’s “Precious Metal” night at Lit Lounge tonight, as it as [nearly] every Monday; critically-acclaimed avant garde metallers Wetnurse headline, with hardcore heavy hitters Tiger Flowers and Brooklyn-based Quicksand-devotees Goes Cube providing support. Holy crapticles!

At Rebel on 30th street (formerly Downtime) we have the MetalSucks co-sponsored Origin tour with Misery Index and Fuck the Facts in tow; tech-death and grind fanatics, hit that shit up! They have an awesome sound-system at Rebel.

If you like Opeth, funeral doom and epic, classical-influenced metal, BB King’s is where you need to be tonight: Virgin Black, Amorphis and Samael import the darkest of the dark from all over the world to our very own former hooker cesspool of 42nd Street. Word on the street is that Axl may grace this show with his presence (no hookers, though).

Lastly, ye olde Gramercy Theater is hosting what is probably the most diverse bill of the night, with headliners and metal mainstays Kataklysm bringing Swiss pagan-metal troupe Eluveitie and Norwegian psych-black metallers Keep of Kalessin in tow. This is where good ol’ Vince will be hangin’.

Choices, choices. Sadly, if the Mets could’ve just won one stinkin’ game yesterday to force a one-game playoff, that would have made the choice easier. But alas, maybe they did me a favor by sparing me even greater excruciating heartbreak later on. And giving me my playoff ticket deposit back. And allowing me to see metal tonight.


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