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SCIENTIFIC STUDY PROVES THAT METAL IS BAD FOR YOU (BUT NOT REALLY)The super fantastico Allyson over at Bring Back Glam wrote a post today about a recent study that allegedly proves that listening to metal is bad for your health. Allyson writes:

“Basically the article finds that Heavy Metal causes stress, which is bad for your heart. Apparently the best music for your heart is ‘John Denver country-style.’

“Scientists asked 10 non-smokers to avoid listening to their favorite music. Then, these volunteers rocked out to the controlled samples. The study found…’that volunteer’s arteries opened 26% wider on average during music they liked but narrowed by 6% when ‘anxious’ music was played.’

“The problem here, of course, is that there is no regard for human emotion. Fast music just might make your heart rate speed up a little. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. Also, I don’t like John Denver. I could guess that listening to him for a long time would stress me out – thus causing my arteries narrow.”

With that last thought, I think Allyson has really hit the nail on the head with regards to why the study is complete bullshit – it doesn’t prove that metal is bad for you so much as it proves that music you hate is bad for you. Because metal doesn’t make me “anxious” – it’s “music I like.” If none of the volunteers were metalheads, then the study really holds no water. (You can read a more complete account of the study here.)

So, really, all the study proves is that I was right when I told my ex-girlfriend “Yes, listening to one Maroon 5 song could kill me.”


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