In the post-nu-metal boom of the early ’00s that followed a dumbed down blueprint of that laid out by Incubus came Audiovent, a band who had been around for a while but got swept up in the tide of signings by major labels attempting to cash in on the sound of the moment. Unfortunately for Audiovent, the band became known more for the fact that three of their members were related to members of Incubus; cries of nepotism pretty much doomed this band from the start, which was a shame because they wrote at least a couple of decent rock tunes on their sometimes-wobbly Atlantic debut Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris.

My favorite was always this track, “Looking Down,” but you might be more familiar with “The Energy”, a pretty big radio hit nationwide.

Pretty sure these dudes broke up / were dropped before they had a chance to record a 2nd record, but I’d be curious to know what they’re up to these days.


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