• Axl Rosenberg

A NEW BLOODJINN ALBUM! HOO-RAY!Both Vince and myself have made it clear that we’re fans of Bloodjinn, a first generation American New Wave band that, for reasons completely beyond our understanding, don’t get the same love as many of their peers (even those peers who are significantly less talented). With the creation of Zero System, a new band featuring Bloodjinn members Joel Collins (vocals) and Kyle Rakes (guitars), I was a little nervous that Bloodjinn might be coming to an end – they’ve gone through something like 378 line-up changes and they’re obviously not millionaires or anything.

But I was worried for no reason. Bloodjinn are about to start recording a new album, Between Breaths, which is set for a tentative April ’09 release on Collins’ Foresaken Recordings. Meanwhile, Collins has actually split with Zero System to concentrate on Bloodjinn; Zero System will move forward with Glass Casket singer Adam Cody, who will also apparently make a guest appearance on Breaths (Which will have cover art by Mike D’Antonio!).

So, in short: Vince and I are stoked. We’ll keep you updated on this band’s activities. If you dig bands like Killswitch Engage and Chimaira and you don’t know Bloodjinn, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice.


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