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As many of you have already noticed, The Gauntlet is now reporting that Killswitch Engage have been added to the main stage of this summer’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, which is good news for metal fans but bad news for the organizers of Ozzfest.

Just as importantly, though, Lambgoat has revealed that Blood Has Been Shed – a.k.a. the band Howard Jones and Justin Foley were in prior to joining KsE – are on the verge of making their (hopefully) glorious comeback.

BHBS guitarist Corey Unger tells Lambgoat:

“Things are really really crazy. I have been working on the new album and it is taking a tremendous amount of time and energy from me and my family. I personally do not want to release just another version of what we have already done and the motivation for this album is very personal. There is a vast mix of people who will be involved in this project including the original members. The line-up of musicians is very artistically driven based on the album’s style. The label direction is not decided, and to be completely honest, I am more focused on writing the music right now, but I’m sure it will be hammered out soon. As far as a release date there is no time set, but much of the album is already written so we’ll see. Thanks for checking in and especially thanks to all the people who have continued to support us.”

Even though Jones and Foley promised that BHBS wouldn’t die after they joined to KsE, all evidence suggests they were wrong; the band hasn’t really down anything since ’02 or ’03, if my memory serves correctly.

So right now, I’m inclined to take this as good news. Even if Unger seems to be hinting that Jones and Foley will only be peripherally involved – note his statement about the band’s line-up – I’m willing to bet that Unger still has some good material in him.

In case you only know Jones and Foley from their KsE days, here’s their video for “She Speaks to Me.” That song title would suggest a genuine love ditty if you saw it on a Killswitch album, but in Blood Has Been Shed’s hands…


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