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cruefestOk, ok, fine, THIS is quite obviously the worst tour ever. But the recently announced lineup for Cruefest 2 is giving it a run for its money; Godsuck, Theory of a Deadsuck, Saving Abel (no less sucky, but left “suck”-less here for clarity’s sake) and Drowning Suck will support the ever-fading but still marginally credible Motley Crue.

Funny story about Saving Abel. I was invited to a showcase for the band on the roof of their record label’s building, and before the band played their manager slipped up and introduced them as “Saving Label.” Whoops!

Anyway, the Crue seem to have acknowledged that the only fans who will still patronize their umpteenth reunion tour are the whitest of the whitey white trash; fitting then that they’ve titled this year’s tour “The White Trash Circus.”

What I’m still scratching my head over is this: when did B-grade nu-metal/alt-metal bands become aligned with againg hair metal bands? Wasn’t nu-metal supposed to be a complete rejection of the pomp and excess of ’80s glam? Are they all just lumped together as “has beens” or is there some kind of commonality these bands share with red-staters of which us coast-dwellers are woefully unaware?

Whatever it is, this tour completely blows. And even though I still have never seen Crue… Pass.


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