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FULFILL YOUR DEATHWISH – FOR FREEWhat’s better than great music? Great music for free, of course! And we know you downloading motherfuckers agree with us, because you’re always e-mailing us about leaks n’ shit.

So why not download something that will neither a) make you feel guilty for stealing nor b) possibly condemn you to a life of living in a cage and being anally gang raped in the shower?

Deathwish have a new sampler, entitled MMIX, which they are making available for free download. And there’s some pretty cool artists on it, including Coliseum, Doomriders, The Hope Conspiracy, Converge’s Jacob Bannon, Pulling Teeth and Trap Them (who Vince and I don’t get but I know a lot of people really dig so I guess I should give them another chance).

After the jump, get the complete track list and download links.

1. “In The Shadow Of God” – The Hope Conspiracy
2. “Chambered” – Narrows
3. “Nightcrawlers” – Lewd Acts
4. “Last Wave” – Coliseum
5. “Breaking Out” – Victims
6. “Slipping Away” – Reign Supreme
7. “Flesh and Below” – Trap Them
8. “Lies” – Nails
9. “Coyotenia” – Rot in Hell
10. “Divide” – Mother of Mercy
11. “Spirals” – Carpathian
12. “Forever Is Destroyed” – 108
13. “Culture” – Ressurection
14. “Walter Miller Jr.” – End of a Year
15. “Do You Like To Slam Dance?” – Doomriders
16. “Bloodwolves” – Pulling Teeth
17. “Learn To Love The Lie” – Integrity
18. “Bitter Cold” – Supermachiner
19. “Heavy Blood (Empty Version)” – J. Bannon

You can download the sampler here, here or here.


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