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“NOT ENOUGH” LACUNA COILFirst of all, props to our boy Anso DF for successfully making it through his interview with Lacuna Coil’s Christina Scabbia without embarrassing himself or in any way giving Ms. Scabbia cause to get a restraining order (of course that’s part of the reason we had him do a phoner and not an in-person – but still). I’m fairly certain if Vince or I had conducted the interview, we’d be in prison right now.

Second of all, we’ve now heard LC’s new album, Shallow Life, and, hey!, guess what? It’s pretty darn good.

So. The band has made a new song, “Not Enough,” available for free download. So, y’know, enjoy that shit.

Lacuna Coil, “Not Enough” – Shallow Life (Century)

Shallow Life comes out April 20 in Europe and April 21 in the States on Century.


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