Upcoming Bullsh*t



Actually, it’s just a new album from Throwdown, but who can tell the difference?

Why oh why do I give Throwdown so much shit when I actually like them? I’ve interviewed guitarist Mark Choiniere, and he’s an incredibly nice fellow. I think that front man Dave Peters seems like an intelligent chap. And if you’re gonna sound like another band, Pantera is a pretty awesome band to sound like. I dig Throwdown.

But they’re easy targets, and I have no sense of class. I just want the laugh because it feeds my weak ego.

Also, this band sounds an awful fucking lot like Pantera.

But the new album: it will be called Deathless, and will be the group’s first for Koch (or E1, or whatever the fuck it’s called now) after their acrimonious split from Trustkill, and I think it has at least 50% of the Venom & Tears line-up.

I don’t know who the producer will be, but has the band considered working with Terry Date I wonder?


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