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I’m loving this new subgenre title Vince has coined – “Sumeriancore.” I love it because a) it instantly lets you know the band in question plays proggy tech deathcore, and b) if we’re gonna get silly with these subgenres names, let’s get really silly with them, right?

So, besides The Faceless, I guess my favorite Sumeriancore band (or, at least, my favorite Sumeriancore band that is actually on Sumerian) is Born of Osiris (whose debut, The New Reign, was actually produced The Faceless’ Michael Keene). Born of Osiris have the adorable nickname “BOO.” Just makes me wanna play with puppies every time I say it. “BOO!” Like the little girl in Monsters, Inc. Don’t ask how I know that. It’s definitely not because I use Pixar movies to lure small children back to the MetalSucks Mansion.

But I’m getting way off-topic here. Born of Osiris have posted a new song, “Now Arise,” on their MySpace page.

And I’m really digging it. There’s a definite progression from the band’s Sumerian debut, The New Reign. It’s still heavy as fuck, but it’s even techier and proggier than the band’s older material, and there’s less of a “core” feel (Although someone on the message boards will almost certainly disagree with me. That’s because said imaginary peanut gallerian calls anything made after, hm, let’s say ’95ish “core.” Pity the poor bastard.). There’s also a hint of Dimmu Borgirian non-quite-pop-black-metal, which, kind of amazingly, really works.

There is a section at the end of the song that’s a little too close to rapping for my tastes, but I’ll let it slide… this time. Just don’t make a habit of it, BOO (tee-hee).

Born of Osiris’ new album, A Higher Place, comes out July 7 on – duh-hickey – Sumerian. It was produced by Zeuss, which would explain why this song sounds a little slicker than anything from The New Reign.


P.S. Song is called “Now Arise,” album is called A Higher Place. I wonder if these fellas smoke?

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