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So that whole Slayer/Megadeth tour kicked off this week – still no U.S. dates announced, by the way – and, as is the general course of things these days, Megadeth played a new song, someone filmed that new song and stuck it up on YouTube, then it wound it up on Blabbermouth, and now I’m posting it here. Anyone else remember when video bootlegs were a somewhat more difficult item to come buy, purchased at shows and sometimes shitty flea markets and then inevitably shared and swaped with friends ? Oh, the joys of VHS to VHS recording!

ANYWAY, so this new Megadeth song is called “Headcrusher,” and I can’t hear it very well, but on the whole I think it sounds pretty cool. I mean, the guitar playing definitely shreds. I wish I heard a stronger chorus ’cause all the best Megadeth songs have strong choruses – but, again, this is a shitty bootleg, not really something to be judged.

Now, I could judge the studio recording of the song by calling up 866.597.6342, but my feeling about numbers like that is there’s almost always a catch, and whether out of marijuana-induced paranoia, Jewish neuroticism, or just plain old sloth, I have not called the number. If any of you do, let me know how the song is.

Meanwhile, Dave Mustaine recently called the new ‘Deth record, Endgame, “the record of my career” (which would include Metallica, I suppose) and “the best Megadeth record I’ve ever done by far.” I always think that statements like that are dangerous, especially when you’ve had a career as illustrious as that of Mr. Mustaine – but, hey, I hope he’s right. One way or another, I’m 99.9% sure it’s gonna kick Death Magnetic‘s ass.


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