...And F*ck You Too


  • Axl Rosenberg


Oddly enough, the baby sandwich is not the poorly Photoshopped part of this picture.

This is Ray Herrera from a recent interview*:

Dino is like King Kong – no, I mean he literally climbed the Empire State Building this one time and fought all these planes n’ shit. He puts all his leftovers in a strategic place and then eats them later. When I was with Dino, I definitely felt limited in terms of how much I can eat. If you saw a lot of Dino’s eating that he’s doing now, it’s fucking babies and shit. Whereas, just eating with Christian [Olde Wolbers], it’s like just eating with a normal person – you never feel like you might lose a finger if you reach for a french fry or some shit. Dino is very good at eating anything, but when it comes to rolls… he likes babies on his rolls… Kerry King said it best: the guy is not good with his hands. Because he sometimes bites down on one of his own fingers by accident while trying to inhale a sandwich.


*Obviously by “real interview,” we mean “Axl’s overactive imagination.” But the link will take you to Metal Insider, where we first heard about the actual story.

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