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  • Axl Rosenberg


For my money, Salomé are one of the best doom metal bands out there right now. The self-titled EP they released last year is the shit, and they absolutely blew me away at Scion earlier this year (the friends I was with were equally floored). They are a band of unusual evil and power, and must be experienced live if you get a chance.

The band’s MySpace page says that they’ll be embarking on a tour with two other kick-ass bands, Hull and Batillus, starting in Septmebr. Thing is, while the tour itinerary is apparently mapped out already, lots of the venues remain TBD, accompanied only by the note “please help!”

If you live in one of these still-unbooked cities or towns, I would plead with you to help out these excellent bands. If you’re a position to book them somewhere, great, but even if you’re just in a position to nag your local club/basement/whatever to give them a place to play, you should really do that, to.

The page doesn’t list a booking agent for the band or tour, but they can be reached at salomedoom AT hotmail DOT com. Do something to help ASAP. To miss these bands live would be to deprive yourself of a seriously excellent evening of metal.


Major props to Charles Hedrick for the tip!!!

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