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behemoth - evangelionI can’t speak for the other inhabitants of the MS Mansion (especially Kip, who’s been cuddled away in the Wingerschmidt Wing for weeks now), but I, for one, am very much enjoying the new Behemoth record Evangelion. This shit slays, crushes, destroys, kills, insert your choice metal cliche adjective here and that’s what it does. The songwriting is great, and ultimately that’s what makes it good; but what strikes me most is the quality of mixing compared to past Behemoth efforts (that I’ve heard, anyway. Admittedly, I’ve never much listened to this band before, as ridiculous as that seems). The tones on this record are positively crushing. So upon a little Googling I was able to determine that it was Colin Richardson who twiddled the knobs to such delicious effect this time around — duh, should’ve known.

Check out the brand new track “Shemhamforash” currently streaming on Behemoth’s MySpace page. The album drops August 11th in the U.S. (and August 7th in Europe).


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