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  • Axl Rosenberg

across the darkAlthough it might sound like a weird comparison, I’d like to posit the theory that Insomnium are melodic death metal’s answer to Woody Allen: they basically just keep making the same piece of art over and over and over again, making slight adjustments here and there, as though they were just trying to get it right, damn it. Luckily they’re still in the Annie Hall/Manhattan phase of their career, and not the Melinda and Melinda phase.

So. The third track from Insomnium’s new album, Across the Dark, called “Where the Last Wave Broke,” is now streaming on the band’s MySpace page. Personally, I think the first track (instrumental or semi-instrumental intro that starts out all quiet and builds to an epic crescendo) and second track (first proper song that gets the party started woot-woot) are always the best part of any Insomnium album, and Dark is no exception. That being said, “Wave” is still pretty killer.

Give it a listen, then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section below. Across the Dark comes out September 7 on Candlelight.


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