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I haven’t smoked weed in about three weeks now. I haven’t wanted to. Getting sick kind of took that wind out of my sails and then I had no choice but to abstain in the hospital. Two nights ago I was at my girl’s place watching her and her roommate spark joint after joint after joint, and the craving came back. I didn’t partake. And I’m not going to for awhile, but I wanted to. And I still kinda do.

I miss taking bong hits. Now that [Daath vocalist] Sean Z has decided that we tour with a vaporizer, it’s been a while since I got a nice, beefy hit of fucking weed smoke in my lungs. All it is all day long in our van is vapor. Which I think is cool. I mean, I own a vaporizer, and I’ve given them as gifts, but there comes a point where you want to take a real hit. I’m talking like a PHX or a Roar hit. That’s what I’m craving, that’s what I want.

It’s going to be weeks before I would even dare do that again, so at best I’m stuck either eating it or possibly vaporizing it, but I’m not going to add insult to injury, as the doctor said. So that brings up the question. Do you guys have a preferred method? Any of you into vaporizing? Is it just me or, as great as vaporizing is, does something just get lost in that experience? Sean Z now thinks that smoking is gross. He will pretty much only vaporize. Is it really gross? I feel like vaporizing is a novelty in the end, but it’s a nice novelty. However, there’s just so much care involved and you never get fucking blasted like from a bong.

I’ll say this. I do prefer the vaporizer to constantly smoking joints like we used to. I feel like joints are wasteful, and it’s really hard to get to the level you want to get to without having two personal joints good to go. Sometime on the Dragonforce tour, Sean Z and I ended up on a trade mission. I would find him chocolate milk, cause that’s his thing, and he would roll me personal joints… ‘Cause I can’t roll worth a shit. And that was nice. I can hang with the personal joints.

Maybe my issue is that there’s always too many people around, and if you aren’t getting monster hits, you aren’t getting shit. Therefore I prefer the bong, because if you hit it right you can be in a  group of seven and still get your rocks off. Good luck doing that while passing a joint or a vapor whip. What’s your hit of choice?

While thinking about it, those of you with a bong that’s three feet or longer should try out one of our drink/smoke games for fun. Its called “the trio.” You need the bong, a shot of whiskey, and a shot of Jager. Objective is this – clear the bong, hold it in, take the two shots, exhale. Best of luck. Lemme know how it goes.


And while you’re attempting “the trio,” why don’t you visit Daath on MySpace?

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