• Axl Rosenberg

If someone asked me to engage in a debate to determine what was the single greatest television comedy of all-time, a discussion of Arrested Development would, at the very least, be in order. For three (really two and a half) too-short seasons, the show was never anything less than genius. True Fucking Genius. The set-up for certain jokes was placed so far in advance that often you wouldn’t even realize there’d been a set-up until you had a second viewing. Every cast member was superb, every script a masterpiece. The show was too smart for its own good, and overlooked by viewers. I’m sure there are people who have seen the show and don’t like it, and those people are entitled to their opinion.

But I can’t take their opinion about any other work of art seriously. I don’t even think they’re dumb; I just know we’re clearly not in the same mind-set. I admire Arrested Development that much.

One of my favorite gags on AD involved a lawyer played by Scott Baio and named “Bob Loblaw” (say the syllables aloud if the joke isn’t immediately apparent). Here’s Bob Loblaw’s television commercial for his practice:

On the show, we also learn that Bob Loblaw runs a website – Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog.

And now I’ve found out that a terrible band, Run with the Hunted, has a song that takes its name from this fictional site:

Of course, terrible bands have been taking their name and/or the names of their song titles from obscure and semi-obscure pop-culture references for awhile now.

But I honestly don’t give a shit if you defile the name of a terrible Meryl Streep movie or whatever with your garbage. It’s not sacred enough for me to expend energy caring.

But this band… this band has gone too far. Leave Arrested Development out of it. It’s one of the only good sitcoms this decade; and even if it weren’t, it’s gotta be one of the best television shows of all time. I don’t mean that to be hyperbolic, either: I honestly believe in my heart that Arrested Development is one of the best shows of all time.

Fuck you, Run with the Hunted. I hope you get trapped in a room full of starving Lambgoat kids, and that those kids eat you alive.

Or that Scott Baio just bitch slaps you.

Either way.


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