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It was a mere two weeks ago that I was feeling pretty cynical about the prospects of a rumored Big Four tour becoming a reality. It just seems like there’s too much bad blood between too many of the bands for everyone to hit the road together.

But there’s also a lot of money to be made there, and in 2009 money wins every fight, even in the world of metal.

So here comes Robert Trujillo to get the rumor pot a-stirrin’ again. In a recent interview, the man/crab hybrid had this to say:

“We’ve had a few different conversations on the subject. I’m friends with Kerry King and had dinner with him a few months back, and it came up there. I think Dave Mustaine is amazing. I’ve never had a problem with him personally. I think it’d be great if Metallica shared the stage with his band. Metallica’s still great friends with Scott Ian. There’s a lot of history there. I think it’d be great for metal. I don’t think all four bands have played together at the same time… but nothing’s concrete. It’s not a sealed deal. We’re working on it.”

Trujillo then admits, in what might the understatement of the 21st century, that “there’d be a lot of egos,” but he thinks the beef would be between Megadeth and Slayer, not Metallica and any given band.

So, who knows. Maybe this thing really will happen. I guess all four bands are big enough that everyone could just get on their bus/jet/slave-operated rickshaw or whatever after the show and never have to actually see or speak with one another. But if everyone could keep it together enough for a big end-of-show jam on some Diamond Head or whatever, that’d be pretty sweet.

Continue to fantasize while we all wait for more concrete news.


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