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blackgiveswaytoblueIt’s still a week away from release, but today you can stream Alice in Chains’ excellent new offering Black Gives Way to Blue in its entirety on Alice in Chains’ official website. In an autumn filled with fucking excellent metal albums, this one is definitely one of the records I’ve been spinning most over the past week or so; now you can check it out too. And best of all, the audio is high(ish) quality; no crappy MySpace player.

Those skeptical of the band with new lead singer William Duvall can now hear what we’ve been talking about. Inevitably there will still be haters who refuse to accept this new incarnation of the band, but if you’ve got a set of ears and a brain there’s no way you can deny that this is good music. Take a listen, and come back here and tell us what you think. Also be sure to check out the 12-minute short film the band put out last week in which all four members comment on Layne’s passing and the decision to get the band back together.


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