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BREATHINGTHEFIREAs our friend John said to me last week, on the list of things a metal band should do, Skeletonwitch have a “check” under each and every “yes” column. This band is seemingly unable to do wrong. They rip faces off, and, what’s more, those faces are only too happy to have been ripped off. They are Metal with a capital “M.”

Skeletonwitch’s new album, Breathing the Fire (Prosthetic), doesn’t drop ’til October 13, but Terrorizer is streaming it right now. I suggest you go listen.

Then, as always, come back here and let us know you think. Although know we’ll judge you if you don’t like the album.

“Stand, Fight and Die” is my personal favorite track from the record. Just givin’ my two cents.


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