Okay. So here’s a great example of the ways in which the mind works.

Last week Vince and I were talking about Devin Townsend, as we do from time to time. And later that night, I got a song from Vai’s Sex & Religion album stuck in my head. I used to listen to that album all the time when it came out in 1993, but I have no idea where the hell the cassette I once owned now resides, so I searched the net to see if it was posted somewhere.

Well, as it turns out, the song has a video. And I’m watching this video, and I realize, “Holy shit, that’s Devin Townsend doing vocals!” I have no conscious memory of every being aware that Townsend was the vocalist for that album, but I must’ve known; that’s why the song got stuck in my head in the first place, right? Psychology is weird like that.

By the way, even though they’re not in this video, Terry Bozzio played drums and T.M. Stevens played bass on Sex & Religion. TOO WEIRD!!!

What an amazing discovery. I feel so much cooler now. “Oh, yeah. I’ve been listening to Townsend since before anyone knew who he was.”

Just for shits n’ giggles, here’s another Steve Vai joint with Devin Townsend on vocals, “Deep Down in the Pain”:

I have to go to my parents’ house and try and find my old Sex & Religion cassette.


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