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  • Axl Rosenberg

Four words before I start this little rant:


Now that that’s outta my system…

We’ve known for awhile that Mosley, a.k.a. “The former Faith No More singer no one cares about,” had re-recorded the FNM classic “We Care A Lot” for his new solo album, Hel-lo! Does Anyone Remember Me? I mean I know I’m Not Mike Patton but I Gotta Eat, Too! And while that immediately struck me as a terrible idea, the fact that FNM keyboardist Roddy Bottum was playing on the track gave me hope that it wouldn’t be terrible.

But, hey, guess what? It’s terrible.

Holy shit. That was so bad it sounds like a Korn cover. In fact, it’s almost as though, after a decade of Mike Patton basically saying “I can’t believe we influenced all these awful bands like Korn,” Mosley walked in and said “We influenced Korn?!?! AWESOME!!!” Which is extra funny, since I’d wager that no one in Korn cares about any FNM album prior to The Real Thing.

And I’m aware that FNM have already re-recorded this song once before (although never with Patton, unless you count live recordings). But this should lay to rest any thoughts that Mosley was a driving creative force for that band’s genius. ‘Cause at the end of the day, he was really just a dude who sounded like he had a terrible head cold and was keeping Patton’s spot warm for him.

The saddest part is that I actually liked that other song from this album that I heard that one time. But this is just a cash-in on former glories, and a really, really, really, really, really, really, really sucky one, at that.

Here’s the actual “We Care A Lot,” the one that I love, the one that I grew up with, the one that doesn’t make me wanna eat Chuck Mosley’s family alive while he’s made to watch.

That bouncing baby makes me smile every time.


[via Reign in Blonde… thanks for ruining my morning, Elise]

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