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These are some of my favorite producers and mixers for heavy music… It’s a challenging genre, and these guys are great in my opinion.

Jacob Hansen: Fear My Thoughts and The Hours That Remain by Mercenary, great drums and great frequency range, there’s a 250 dip in the overall mix that’s really well done.

Colin Richardson: Evangelion by Behemoth, Heartwork by Carcass. The original ‘hi-fi metal guy’ IMO. I remember when Burn My Eyes came out as well, I thought his high end approach was really commercial compared to the stuff going on at the time. I hear the mastering of that record had lots to do with that, though.

Andy Sneap: He kind of redefined metal for me in the 90’s with a unique snare sound. I really like what he did with Nevermore and DevilDriver.

Jason Suecof: He just keeps getting better… his mixes for Beneath the Massacre and Lennon were sick.

Rick Rubin: I know he takes a lot of shit for his approach and uber-compressed mix preference, but Wildflowers by Tom Petty is amazing, and “Pulse of the Maggots” is a really well done Slipknot production IMO.

Randy Staub: I thought the drum sound and mix “size” for the Load and Reload albums was amazing. I didn’t like those records, but sheesh… what wicked drum sounds. Also, the first song off Dark Horse by Nickleback is a CRUSHING mix… I REALLY am not a big fan of the band, but credit where credit is due, thats a goooood mix.

Tue Madsen: He changed things with his style as well with those first two Mnemic albums imo… “Jack Vegas” off of The Audio Injected Soul was a great modern sound.

Jens Bergman: Ghost Reveries was nearly flawless technically in terms of a mix in my opinion. Really, really well done.

Tomas Skogsberg: How awesome was Wolverine Blues? So big and dirty at the time.

Fredrik Nordstrom: Defined an era of metal sonics with At The Gates and a hundred more.

Daniel Bergstrand: A true innovator. The mix for Destroy Erase Improve blew my mind at the time.


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