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For all of you who want nothing to do with my music, have tried and don’t get it, or think I’m a total hack, continue on to the next blurb, as I’m going to spend the next few paragraphs stroking myself and thinking that I’m super.

Anyways, heres a bunch of videos… it’s hard to give a solid overview after twenty-something albums, but anyways…

Me and Vai

There I am at nineteen years old, my first real gig.

Me and the Wildhearts

There’s me at twenty-two, moved to Birmingham, England for half a year or so. When I moved back I left my bangs there.

SYL early

In underwear in front of twenty people… “Hey there Cletus, I like the smell of yer sack” :(

SYL later in front of more folks

Some Ziltoid

Some Ocean Machine

Some Infinity

My tv debut (ummm sure…)

Me being the devil

Me bein’ all sensitive n’ shit

Some Physicist

Wanky McWankerpants

Me ‘n Gwar

Some Terria

Some Synchestra


Addicted (Out today! Awww shiiit…)

Deconstruction jamming

If any of this interests you, check out our shizz at:
Devin Townsend on MySpace
twitter: dvntownsend

There’s a ton more coming.

…now back to our regular scheduled program!


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