Devin Townsend Sucks




Devin Townsend has been crawling up the hill to public acceptance in a desperate and obvious manner since his dubious introduction to public conciousness on the awkward and critically ill recieved Sex And Religion by Steve Vai.

The level of insecurity laid bare by the incessant regurgitation of prior ideas and themes, increasingly more dilluted, has resulted in a four record “project” called the “dtp” (not to be confused with one of the many other rapidly cycling identities bestowed on the public with equal faux grandeur and self important themes.) The implication that we should all care now crests in the judgmental and self righteous Addicted, which seems to imply that his “newfound sobriety” is the answer to all the world’s ills, and that we should all follow suit, set to a antiquated, late 90’s “White Zombie-esque” dance metal vibe.

While, yes, the record has very cautiously and meticulously derived its formula from elements of current musical trends in hopes (one would assume) of “finally tapping into the mainstream,” the results are dubious to say the least.

I, for one, hope that the third self-proclaimed “heaviest album of his career” succeeds in at least re-inventing whatever passion lays dormant from his single moment in the sun, Strapping Young Lad, which, in hindsight, gets actually less vital as the years move on.

In other news, I hate my dad and I can’t win a fight with my fat wife.

-Dick Gozinya
Guest Editor

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