Laugh At Others' Misfortunes



MetalSucks uber-Maniac Josh Kidd has recommended we check out Volbeat, whom he described as “Elvis metal.” (“Elviscore” would be inappropriate, since there’s no core whatsoever to the band’s sound.) I find that description about as enticing as the prospect of sitting through Metallica playing the entire St. Anger album live, but out of respect to Josh I did give Volbeat a listen, and, yeah, they’re not good. I hate Michael Poulsen’s vocals. Hate ’em. It’s like someone took a moose rock singer and stuck him in a slightly more interesting band than, say, Nicklesuck or Theory of a Dead Suck or whatever. Not. For. Me.

Still, I don’t wish any will upon Mr. Poulson, who made headlines this week when he collapsed on-stage. Apparently the dude is okay and just has the flu or something, but still, that sucks.

Of course, it’s not gonna keep anybody from rubbernecking! So here’s video of the collapse. Skip to the 2:30 mark to see Poulson hit the stage (literally). And, by all means, feel free to tell me why I’m missing the mark on this band in our comments section below.


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