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at all cost / jon benet final shows

At All Cost may have broken up last year, but there ain’t no sex quite like break-up sex; the Austin, TX quintet will play two final “farewell” shows in their hometown and in Houston just a couple of weeks from now, offering fans of the band a chance to say a final goodbye. AAC were one of the very first bands MetalSucks really got behind, and their Century Media debut Circle of Demons ended up on both mine and Axl’s year-end lists for 2007.

There was some confusion about which members would be participating in these final two shows, as AAC had quite the rotating cast of characters over the years. Fittingly, the final shows will also feature a rotating cast of characters; according to bassist CleanBobby, he and singer Andrew Collins will both play the entire set, while the rest of the members take turns rotating in around them, presumably to play the songs they originally played on. That’s a pretty fucking cool way to thank everyone who contributed to the band over the years, and it’s a great way for such an awesome band to go out.

As it turns out, these two shows are also the last for The Jonbenet, a Texas band I’ve heard some folks rave about but I haven’t ever been able to dig.

The two final gigs are December 18th at Red 7 in Austin and December 19th at Walter’s in Houston. It’s a shame we can’t make it, but we know AAC will bring their A-game; they always do.


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