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Even though they started their own metal column this past summer, I don’t traditionally think of The Onion as someplace to get metal news and criticism. But their A.V. Club has now weighed in with their very own “Best Metal Albums of the Deacade” list. And the list is honestly kind of shocking.

There are thirty albums on the list and, as with some of the other lists we’ve been talking about, all I think that all the entries are respectable, even if I don’t personally love/agree with all of them. But there’s a LOT of records here you would really never expect to see, and, in fact, won’t see on most other lists; author Leonard Pierce admits that “this list reflects my opinion and my opinion only,” so it’s no surprise that it reads like one fanboy’s personal favorites. Pierce didn’t have to compromise or even consider the opinions of anyone else the way most other media outlets did, so when the dude felt like sticking Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope – a great album I can virtually guarantee you you won’t see on anyone else’s decade-end list – he did just that.

I honestly find some of Pierce’s selections highly questionable – surely there were better albums than Slayer’s Christ Illusion or The Sword’s Didja Know We Love Sabbath? in the past ten years – but, again, it’s just one dude’s opinion, and an interesting read that is not worth getting mad about.

Read the list here, and then do what you do best (ARGUE!) in the comments section below.


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