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meshugga beach partyDo these three words inspire you with shock, awe and amazement? They sure do for me!

Meshugga Beach Party — sent in by of all people Vince Neilstein Sr., who I doubt is even aware of the existence of a metal band named Meshuggah — isn’t a beach party with our favorite poly-rhythmic Swedish headbangers, but is in fact a California-based band that dresses as hasids and boasts “Traditional Jewish folk songs… Instrumental Surf Music… WHO KNEW?”

Meshuggah Beach Party might not possess the same windmilling finesse as their Swedish counterparts, but they do have some pretty sweet choreographed stage moves (fast-forward to the 0:55 mark)… for a bunch of shlemiels, anyway:

I wish I would’ve known about these guys last year so I could’ve hired them to play my 2nd Bar-Mitzvah.


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