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Tool are another example of a band that aren’t being included in as many decade-end lists as they should be simply because they don’t have a new album out and aren’t fresh on writers’ minds. I have seen Lateralus pop up on a fair number of lists (deservedly so), but I feel like if Tool had a new record out and were ever-present in the media this year, people would be all “OMG TOOL ONE OF THE BEST AND MOST UNIQUE BANDS EVER OF THE DECADE.” Alas. Save your e-breath on the “not metal” argument because you’re an idiot and I don’t wanna hear it.

Back in August I posted an epic piano cover of the title track from Lateralus, and last night MS reader Jeremy S sent in a video by the same dude covering “Vicarious.” The guy’s incredibly talented; writing the piano arrangement, mastering the movement of both hands, keeping track of all the crazy time signatures and singing at the same time is quite an undertaking. My hat’s off to you, dude… well done.


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