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I guess that by now it’s old news that the drummer from AX7 is taking the celestial dirt nap for undisclosed “natural causes,” but I just realized that something is bugging me about this whole situation.

First of all, let’s establish something. I am NOT a fan of AX7. Never was, most likely never will be. I think that they’re killer musicians, especially their lead guitarist with the silly stage name, but that doesn’t make me a fan.

I’m not going to specualte as to why a 28 year old suddenly died because I know full well it was probably drugs, but I also know full well that not everyone actually lives out their image in real life. He could have had an un-diagnosed heart condition, or any other number of things that suddenly kill people of any age. So I’m not going to really sit around and guess what did him in, and honestly, I don’t really care.

Here’s what I do care about for some reason: the metal community once again showed me that with some exception, it’s just a lonely, dorky, socially inadequate boy’s club. I know that I’m going to get some hate for this, but whatever. Hear me out.

Let’s all be real for a sec here. AX7 do not have the power of government where they can bust into your house with automatic weapons and kill you or drag you to an undisclosed prison with no trial after naming you an enemy combatant. Actually, no band that I know of really has that power. I mean, some carry guns, but they’re not coming to your house. And if they did, you could invoke the power of government on their asses by dialing 911. They really don’t care about you. These bands are not making you listen to their music. Nobody is making you listen to their music.

If you don’t like a band, or if you hate a band, then why waste your short life listening to them? There’s an over-abundance of bands out there. No shortage. Don’t waste your time.

And furthermore, just because you don’t like a band, do you seriously want their members to die? Is it that important to you? Are you that butt hurt that some dudes you’ve never met and most likely will never meet became successful playing music you don’t like? Is it worth wishing them death just ’cause you don’t like the chords they strum or the beats they play or their hairstyle? GROW THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!

Comments I’ve read on different sites are funny, of course. I have a very black sense of humor, but the more and more I read said comments and saw friends of mine’s Facebook status updates regarding Rev’s death, well… they just got me thinking. I realized once again that people take this shit WAAAAYYYYY too seriously. Comments like “Pt should’ve been the singer, I hate his voice,” “Glad he died, hopefully the band breaks up now,” etc… there’s some humor to it, yeah, but when literally hundreds of people are saying it, then it goes from funny to just kind of pathetic.

Get a fucking life. Nobody is forcing you to listen. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. It’s just music. There’s real reasons to hate people out there, like, um, maybe trying to blow up a jetliner coming in for landing in Detroit. But playing music you don’t like? Please. Touring has taught me that just because a band plays shitty music, that the people in it are not necessarily shitty. Hell, you may even make friends with them.

How many of you are into sports? You know the cliché about enemies on the court or field, friends off of it? Try to apply that to music. You may hate their art, but to wish them death over it? Dudes and seven girls out there reading this, IT’S JUST METAL! You act like someone stole your Magic: The Gathering cards or broke your model train set sometimes.


Listen to Daath, don’t wish them death.

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