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So “MS Maniac Kriss” sent us an e-mail with a link to the below video of Denmark’s Kellermensch performing a song called “Moribund Town.” And at first I was like “Is this even metal?” and then I was like “What’s with the outfits, douches?” and then I looked up the meaning of “keller” and I was like “Oh, seriously? Fuck this band.”

But the song actually does have a metal influence, and by its conclusion, I had fallen in love with it. And I’m digging the stuff on their MySpace page, particularly a song called “The Day You Walked.” Even their cover of Neil Young’s “Don’t Let it Bring You Down” is pretty good – in fact, I’d argue it’s exactly what a cover should be: it didn’t make the original song so unrecognizable so as to rob it of its original appeal, but they also clearly put their own spin on it. So, yes, I think these dudes dress silly, but so does Immortal, and we like them, too.

This might be the best reader recommendation I’ve gotten in awhile. Now I have to go listen to the rest of the band’s album.


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