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  • Axl Rosenberg


Here’s kind of an interesting story from Vice:

Last night some idiot went round bombing “SLAYER” all over shops, pubs, offices and, most dramatically, bins near our offices in Old Street. You’ve got to hope that the guy who did it isn’t over 16, because if they’re some 20-something Hoxton-metal dude, it’s tragic. The local shop owners are getting in a right tizz about it, and have been scrubbing their walls all morning.

Now, I understand that Slayer fans are, well, fanatical, but couldn’t this twit have just carved the band’s logo into his or (much less likely) her arm like a normal persons? Graffiti is fucking annoying and ugly nine out of ten times anyway, and all that he or (but really no way it’s a) she has done is perpetuated the myth that all metalheads are total morons. When we all know that, really, only like 99.5% of all metalheads are total morons.

Check out more photos of the damage at Vice.


Thanks to Hooch for the tip!

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