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Well, you’ve done it! Once again, you guys have shown that when it comes down to it, metal is still about spreading the word.

So most of you know about some bands out there that you feel should have a shot for whatever reason. Some more legitimate than others. I’m sure some girlfriends posted about their boyfriend’s band. I KNOW of some band members that posted links to their own band even though I said not to do that. Hey, it’s a free world and all, but c’mon dudes and one dudette I know of. Can you hang up the self-promotion for one night? The idea was to let OTHER PEOPLE promote you.

Regardless of that, I also know that a good majority of these links are genuine recommendations. And that fucking rules. I gave this list to some A&R dudes at some labels and whether or not they listen is up to them but hey, they have the list and its mostly based on people’s recommendations. Over the course of the next few weeks I’m going to go down the list, and every band that is up there due to a legit posting is going to get a listen. And when I’m done I’m going to figure out if there’s any way possible to help spread the word further about them.

In the meantime, those of you who posted links to your friend’s band should take it a step further. Send your favorite tracks to ten of your friends. Burn some CDs for friends of yours. Whatever. Just help go beyond this list. This list is staggering to people because its so long, and I guarantee you that outside the music industry most people won’t check out every band (i.e., potential fans). Therefore, if you really care, you will put this in some people’s hands and help open their minds to it. Talk to you all soon.


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