I haven’t listened to the new Deftones album Diamond Eyes very much yet, but I’ve listened to it enough to know that I need to listen to it more. So far so good, in other words. When it comes to making sweeping statements and overgenalizations about how this Deftones album represents blah blah blah in their career and how it’s a step forward and blah blah blah, I’m gonna leave that kind of stuff to my pal and MS Deftones expert Anso DF. So for now I’ll just say this: I likee.

Things are moving pretty fast in the Deftones camp right now: the release date of Diamond Eyes was moved up two weeks to May 4th from May 18th following the album leak, and while we’re still about a month away from release we’ve already got the album’s second music video. Visually the video for the album’s title track isn’t the coolest thing ever, but like most videos these days it’s interesting enough and just serves as an opportunity to get the music in front of a few extra people. I guess Warner Bros. / Reprise are really going for broke with this one and are trying to get as big a first week number as possible.


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