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Not even in a Lambgoat funny haha / trying to cause a stir kind of way; in a really malicious, dispiriting what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-the-human-race kind of way. This coming from MetalSucks, where our comments are unfortunately so often filled with grade-A assholes.

Take the above video, sent in by MS Maniac Israel Dellinger. I see a girl covering a Necrophogist song and doing a damn fine (but not perfect, sure) job of it. Apparently her fellow YouTubers and likely aspiring guitarists see it differently:

It’s fairly obvious from the caliber of comments, choice of expressions and spelling that we’re dealing with either genuinely uneducated scum, young kids, or both. But still; this girl knows she’s up against a lot here, and she also must know she’s pretty good. Female guitarists are SO rare in metal, and by extension I’m sure that YouTube guitar covers played by females are also vastly out-numbered by those of their male counterparts. Still, she puts herself on the line for the world to see and makes a go at it, and not even with a more mainstream metal song that could be considered a) more girly, b) easier to play… but she chooses to tackle fucking Necrophagist! Props, girlfriend. You keep doing what you do. I’ll be the appalled guy at his keyboard that’s glad YouTube didn’t exist when he was a kid.


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