keep of kalessin - reptilian

I know I’ve been hyping Keep of Kalessin’s new album Reptilian ever since it was announced in January. And though my hype was based somewhat on the strength of the two advance songs from Reptilian that have been released to the world over the past few months, it was also largely based on the fact that I really liked their last album Kolossus and believed this band possessed something great inside of them that would work its way out with time.

And now that I’ve heard all of Reptilian I can say with 100% confidence that I was absolutely right; this band is fucking fantastic, and they’ve grown leaps and bounds since Kollosus (which was really good itself). Reptilian is a step up in every way: the songs are better, the arrangements and composition more intricate, the production crisper, the performance tighter. All it took was a taste of album-opener “Dragon Iconography” and I was already sold, but this album keeps delivering and delivering and delivering, song after song after song.

2010 is still young, but Reptilian is definitely making a case for inclusion on my year-end list. The album officially comes out on Monday, May 10th in Europe and not until June 8th in the U.S… but since the Internet exists, we’re streaming the whole thing for all the world to hear for an entire week, starting right now. Get to it.


[this promotion has ended]

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