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I haven’t been doing much tweeting lately (obligatory plea to follow us) – any tweets you’ve seen recently have most likely come from Vince  – but apparently yesterday for a little while the whole tweetin’ system went tweetin’ nuts, and tweet it all to hell if everyone’s follow numbers didn’t drop to zero. I guess this was a big deal if you’re the kind of person who measures your self-worth based on how many friends you have on your various social networks. For everyone else with a healthy ego, the day just kinda went on, as it tends to do.

ANYWAY, it turns out that Accept were entirely at fault for the whole thing. Okay, so it wasn’t really their fault, but it kinda sorta was. See, a Turkish tweeter named Bora Kırca is apparently a really big fan of the band’s, and tweeted the phrase “Accept pwns” – at which point he realized that typing the word “accept” followed by the name of any Twitter user (in this case, someone calling him or herself , but probably himself, “@pwns”) will automatically make said Twitter user one of your followers. (If only there was such a trick for getting girls follow you home!) Then, according to Gizmodo, Kirca “told his girlfriend, and together they started doing exactly what anyone else would have: They made famous people follow them.” And then the whole system went to shit.

Of course everything is corrected now and this story ended up being even less relevant to real life than the stories we usually post. If you’re really interested in all the technical dorkery of the entire ordeal, you can read more at Gizmodo.

Meanwhile, MetalSucks’ Twitter avatar/icon thingie is… the band Accept. (The real Accept, with Udo and everything). But seeing as they just became the most dangerous band on Twitter, that may have to change. Personally, I’d like to see it be Naughty by Nature, but I may get voted down on that one.


Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us about this!

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