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I really, really dug the original Lost Planet game. I don’t really remember the “story” of the game, probably because I care about story in video games about as much as I care about story in porn, but basically you’re on a big frozen planet and there are these giant alien bug things and you run around killing them. So it’s like Starship Troopers on Hoth.

Yep. “Like Starship Troopers on Hoth.” I am one cool dude.

ANYWAY, the game had no metal in it – in fact, I have fond memories of cranking metal while playing, just to make the experience extra-fun – but maybe its upcoming sequel will be different: this trailer featuring a new Kingdom of Sorrow track, entitled “Enlightened To Extinction,” has just been released. It’s basically just a music video with footage from the game, but if metal + killing aliens ≠ fun, then I don’t know what does.

Kingdom of Sorrow’s sophomore effort, Behind The Blackest Tears, comes out June 8 on Relapse. Lost Planet 2 comes out May 11 on various platforms.


[via Metal Underground]

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