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Lasers are kinda like boobs; I’ll always be transfixed by them and I’ll never ever ever get sick of ’em. When Rob from Metal Injection and I caught Muse’s epic set at SXSW we were, as always, transfixed by their laser light show. Rob said it best: despite the fact that every single band who employs the use of lasers in their live show uses the exact same laser array, the lasers never cease to positively astound. LASERS!

This video that Suckalo Justin Reich sent in of BTBAM drummer Blake Richardson jamming in the studio doesn’t have lasers per se, but it does have really bright lights that look as if they’re being controlled by Blake’s sticks. And they’re pretty damned entertaining, don’tcha think? Perhaps someone with greater video editing skills than I can explain how this was accomplished. Neat-o.


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