Kingdom of Sorrow Sucks



#5 – Necrophagist

Technical German death metal that crushes!

#4 – Scorpions

Check out “China White.” You can’t really go wrong with Scorps – even the mainstream hits are great. But this tune is a classic. What a riff! You’re headbanging.

#3 – Destruction

German metal legends. Eighties thrash rules. Mad Butcher!!!

#2 – Sodom

If any band has ever caused extreme amounts of headbanging, it’s these dudes. Talk about underrated! Sodom rips! This is a band that I just looked at the cover and song titles and was totally sold. “Nuclear Winter” has a hard metal mosh in it that gets me crazy!

# 1 – Kreator

All the classic records are great but I have really been liking the last three Kreator albums. No one waves the German metal flag higher than them. They are my number one. This is one of the videos that we played like crazy on Headbanger’s Ball, and it got a lot of younger fans into them. They still kick ass after all these years!

Honorable mentions: Running Wild, Grave Digger, Tankard, Gamma Ray, Helloween, and Accept.

Hatebreed once played in the Ukraine with Gamma Ray and Helloween. We thought for sure the crowd was gonna hate us, but they erupted when we came out and started a circle pit. It was cool to see the unity between the fans – everyone was open-minded.


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