Kingdom of Sorrow Sucks



Every time I come home from tour, I ask myself: “What the fuck am I going to do with all these CDs?!” Because when I go to my storage room to drop off gear and tour supplies, there they are. Literally, thousands of CDs stacked to the ceiling in multiple storage rooms. Bands like The Program, Right Brigade, Oblige, AK Corral (The country CD I put out! Haha… that’s a completely different blog I will one day write.), A Thousand Falling Skies, The Autumn Offering, Full Blown Chaos, etc., etc., etc. Basically stuff that I put out on my labels that didn’t sell well or that we pressed too many of. Now I really don’t want them going in a landfill or polluting the ocean. The thought of a baby seal choking on a Sworn Enemy CD really doesn’t sit well with me. So I figured I would take to the internet to see what could be done. Now if you really want to be a great person and buy any of them, please visit or – they’re cheap! Okay? So here’s some videos to check out, you decide what I should do with this stuff!

Should I make jewelry?

Start a CD hockey league?

Decorate my house?

Build a wall?

Make a disco balls?

Or make merch?! Haha… Lady Gaga might look good in an recycled Autumn Offering CD outfit!

You decide!


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