After seeing the lyric video to Disturbed’s new song “Another Way to Die” I was all set to write a post commending David Draiman for taking a stance against our country’s woefully over-indulgent lifestyle and the effects it has on our world. And though it seemed like something of a cheap publicity grab to link the song with the Gulf oil spill despite the fact that the song had to have been written before the spill occurred, still, I was gonna do it. I was gonna praise David Draiman. Swear to God.

Then I saw the below video of Draiman on MTV Cribs and I had to take it all back. How the fuck can someone live such an extravagant lifestyle and open a song with lyrics like this:

The indulgence of our lives has cast a shadow on our world
Our devotion to our appetites betrayed us all
An apocalyptic plight. More destruction will unfold.
Mother earth will show her darker side and take her toll

Uh… hypocrite much? All those gas-guzzling cars, that big house, that giant manicured back-yard and pool… those aren’t “indulgences,” David? Those items aren’t a devotion to your appetite? What makes you so special that you’re exempt from your own advice? If you’re going to attempt to preach a positive message from your pulpit that’s great, but you’ve got to walk the walk. Your lie is equivalent to a kid in a straight-edge band going home to shoot up heroin nightly. Fuck you, David Draiman; you give environmentalists a bad name.


Thanks: Hetal Bhatt

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