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It was just a month ago that Scott Hull’s This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 was announced, and look! It’s coming out this Tuesday, June 22 on Relapse! I think our resident powerviolence expert, Sergeant D., is working on a semi-formal review, which I am honestly waiting for with baited breath, as it’s sure to be insightful, hilarious, and enraging pretty much all at once.  And I’m sure you’re excited, too.

While we all hold hands and wait, you can now actually stream the entire album right here. Like I said, it was compiled by the great Scott Hull (you either knew he was from Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed or fuck yourself) and features Drugs of Faith, Crom, Apartment 213, Owen Hart, Noisear, and a plethora of other excellent grind, powerviolence and hardcore acts. And one of the most fun aspects of a project like this is that while you may know some of the bands, you may very well not know them all, and now you get to learn about some cool bands you didn’t know before from someone awesome (that would be the aforementioned Mr. Hull). I didn’t know Owen Hart before Comp Deuce, for example, and I’m really digging them. Thanks, Scott!!!

So go listen.


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