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slayer pinball

I love pinball. Love it! As a kid, I would always go straight to the pinball machines at the arcade. Some day I’d like to own an actual pinball machine, but for now iPhone simulator apps are gonna have to do… I’m a big fan of the Wild West and Deep Blue pinball apps. Both are made by the same manufacturer and have a similar style of smooth, natural gameplay.

Looks like I’m gonna be buying another pinball app; [via Blabs] is reporting that Slayer have gotten their own pinball game based on the artwork and music from World Painted Blood. The game is built on the Pinball HD game platform, which from what I can tell is only available for the iPad, but is available in both iPad and iPhone/iTouch versions. Tom Araya contributes some voiceovers, and the game has plenty of games-within-games and 3D camera angles and all that good stuff.

This sounds AWESOME! I’m going to the iTunes store to buy it right this instant. The app is available now $2.99 here in the U.S. Want! Need! Immediately!


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