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Made Out of Babies’ masterpiece, The Ruiner, came out exactly two years ago today, and to be honest, I was hoping there might be a new MOOB album in the not-too-distant future — especially after watching them absolutely annihilate live earlier this year.

Well, the bad news is that there’s news on the MOOB front, vocalist/batshit crazy front lady Julie Christmas will be releasing her first solo album, The Bad Wife, sometime this fall. Our first taste of the album will apparently be a song called “July 31st,” which will appear in a feature film called Wrong Turn at Tahoe. The movie stars Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Harvey Keitel and was directed by the dude who made the barely-watchable P2, so I’m assuming the Christmas track will be the best thing about the flick. Luckily, Ms. Christmas is doing a video for the song, so hopefully none of us will ever have to suffer through Tahoe to hear it.

And that’s not all Julie has been busy with!

She has apparently also written a book, The Scribbles and Scrapes of Amy Anyone: (A Multiple Personality Autobiography), with Emily the Strange illustrator Nix Turner. There will also be an accompanying CD with more Christmas music (every time I type that phrase I think of carolers) and a tone to tell you when to turn the page – like those picture books with audio tapes you used to love as a kid. Except presumably much, much cooler.

Bottom line: Pretty much everything Julie Christmas touches turns to awesome (MOOB, Battle of Mice, Spylacopa, etc.), so I have high expectations for both these projects. Plus, “If You Go Away,” a rough track currently streaming on her MySpace page, kicks all kinds of ass. Hopefully we’ll have a release date for The Bad Wife soon.


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