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NEW BOO MAY BE IMPERCEPTIBLY LESS HEAVY THAN OLD BOOThe mysterious Bird Lady of Redondo Beach relished the opportunity to show off her new BOO tattoo.

I always feel weird saying a really heavy band sounds a little less heavy to me than they used to, because, y’know, normal fucking people who don’t listen to this degenerate neanderthal music would never be able to tell the difference. People throw up their hands and are like, “Remember when In Flames were heavy?” or “Remember when Slipknot were heavy?” or whatever, and most of the population can’t tell the difference between Iowa and Vol. 3 or Whoracle and Come Clarity — it all sounds really fucking loud and angry to them. And the thing is, they’re not wrong; when metalheads complain that a still-heavy band isn’t heavy enough, they’re really just being macho assholes. I know, because I’m guilty of this myself sometimes — complaining about clean vocals or a lack of blast beats or whatever — and Vince makes fun of me for it on a regular basis.

So. Born of Osiris have posted a teaser for their new album on their MySpace page — it’s basically about sixty seconds each of three new songs — and while it’s almost impossible to make any intelligent judgments based on roughly three minutes of music, it does sound to me like the band is moving in a somewhat less heavy direction — but that doesn’t mean they’re gonna release a fucking Carly Simon album or whatever. Sure, save for the third song (which feels pretty The New Reign-ish to these ears) the music sounds less br00tal, with riffs that are aren’t as schizophrenic in nature and the keyboards taking a more central role. But it’s less br00tal the way All Shall Perish’s Awaken the Dreamers was less br00tal than The Price of Existence. Which is to say, the authority figures of my youth would still want to lock me in a room and hire an exorcist to check me out if they heard me listening to this.

Check out the teaser for yourself here. Presumably this album is coming out later this year via Sumerian.


Thanks to Ian Wilmot for the tip.

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