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When Korn announced they would be boycotting BP on their current summer tour I laughed; Jonathan Davis’ desire to hurt the oil giant was cute but ultimately misdirected, an overly simplistic gesture for a very complex issue. But this recent interview with SuicideGirls.com [via Bmouth] just underscores the fact that Davis has no fucking idea what he’s talking about.

Davis spends a good amount of town complaining that BP (and Exxon, 21 years ago off the coast of Valdez, Alaska) could’ve avoided this catastrophe by investing a relatively small amount of money on equipment upgrades. Well, yeah, that’s true. But to blame BP for this mess is like blaming McDonald’s for clogging up your arteries and making you fat; your arteries wouldn’t be filled with gunk if you didn’t eat McDonald’s all the time, you fucking fat ass. The analog, of course, is that we all are responsible for this oil spill because of our excessive, oil-driven behavior as a society. The real solution here is not to boycott BP or point the finger at BP or the government for not taking action, but to look at ourselves and all the demand we create for oil to be extracted from the earth in mass quantities. Hey Jonathan Davis, if you’re really serious about this issue then STOP DOING THINGS THAT REQUIRE HUGE AMOUNTS OF OIL! Stop driving cars everywhere, stop eating fruits and vegetables out of season that are shipped halfway across the world, stop eating fished that are farmed in Vietnam (and shipped here), stop drinking bottled water, stop running your air conditioner all the time, stop going on tours with semis and tour buses that guzzle an extraordinary amount of gas, etc etc etc.

Ultimately it’s all of our own faults that there’s such a high demand for this substance, the mining of which puts the earth at great risk. Stop blaming others for this disaster and take responsibility. It’s YOUR fault, Jonathan, and it’s mine, and Axl’s, and everyone’s; we’ve all got to change our behavior to prevent catastrophes like this. If everyone changes the way they consume oil on a daily basis and, most of all, becomes AWARE of the energy consequences of every action we make, our society can go a long way in a short amount of time towards preventing something like the Gulf oil spill from ever happening again. It’s that simple.


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