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  • Axl Rosenberg

As I’ve mentioned before, earlier this summer I spent a few days in Atlanta hanging out with Daath as they recorded their new album; starting in September I’m going to unveil a massive, multi-part behind-the-scenes series, which will include a studio report, some video footage, and extremely in-depth interviews with most of the band, as well as producer Mark Lewis.

While you’re waiting for that sure-to-be-awesome series to begin, Metal Mark at Skulls N Bones has compiled his own behind-the-scenes videos, the first part of which you can check out below. At the end you can hear a little bit of a new song, which still didn’t have a title (or vocals, for that matter) when I was there — but it’s a really groovy number that demands you bob your head in time with the beat. But the entire album is really diverse, and unless Daath have added a turn tablist or something since I visited with them, I can pretty guarantee you it’s gonna kick all kinds of ass.

The video also says there’s an October 26 release date); I’m 99.9% sure that’s accurate, although you might wanna wait for an official statement from the band and/or Century Media before marking it down in your calendar.


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